Monthly Archives: March 2013

Budget boosts housing sector and brings some good news for pensioners

Today’s budget brought a surprising boost for the housing sector. The new ‘Help to buy’ scheme will help those currently unable to raise sufficient deposit to secure a mortgage. The government plans to invest £3.5bn pound in shared equity loans and offer anyone with a 5% deposit, an equity loan of 20%, tax free for […]

EAC Awards highlight how art can give people a new lease of life in retirement

Retirement is a wonderful time for people to explore their creativity. Art and painting in particular are areas where many people in later life find they have talent. This was true of some of the entrants to the recent 2013 Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC) Art Awards – many were unaware of their latent artistic flair […]

House of Lords Committee is right – the government needs to wake up and support an ageing population

Today’s report from the House of Lords public service and demography committee warned that the Government and society are “woefully under-prepared” to cope with the sharp rise in the number of pensioners and faces a ‘series of miserable crises’ – unless it takes action. A 50% rise in the number of over-65s and a doubling […]