Monthly Archives: March 2014

Budget boost for the over 65s will open up their living options

Today’s budget brought a raft of positive measures for savers and a big boost for the over 65s. Some of the good news included the announcement of a new ‘Pensioner Bond’ from National Savings and Investment which will be made available to all over 65s from January, offering interest rates of 2.8% for one-year bonds […]

Our hopes for the budget next week

One in three babies born this year will live to 100 years old so the housing needs of an ageing population must be addressed urgently. We want to highlight that one affordable housing option for older people is renting. If older people were encouraged to rent in retirement, they could sell their homes and invest […]

Longer term tenancies make renting more attractive

Last week the UK’s private rented sector (PRS) came under the spotlight with Darryl Flay, Chief Executive of Essential Living, an operator of private rental homes in the UK, stating that the PRS is currently “dominated by amateur landlords” and must be improved if rogue operators are to be rooted out. He claimed a “totally […]