Monthly Archives: July 2014

Housing for older people – yes it does matter

A new ‘viewpoint’ blog by Tony Watts OBE, for the Housing Learning and Improvement Network (Housing LIN) entitled “Safe, warm, decent housing for older people – why it matters” has just been published which includes an important six point manifesto on what is needed to improve housing options for older people in the UK. The […]

Is the post of Housing Minster finally being taken seriously?

Housing is one of the greatest challenges for the government, however, when it comes to the post of Housing Minister, it’s a case of revolving doors. Brandon Lewis, appointed this week as new Housing and Planning Minister, is notably the fourth Housing Minister in the past three years. With former Housing Minister Kris Hopkins in […]

Important new report into housing for older people

By 2050, 19 million people in Britain will be over 65, and 8 million over 85, with a significant proportion living alone. Average life expectancy is now 82.6 for women and 78.7 for men, and rising; one in three children born in 2013 will live to be over 100. A new report entitled ‘New Approach […]

One solution to the pension crisis

A recent report by Age UK and the Financial Services Commission (FSC) highlighted that a fifth of men and two-fifths of women aged 55 to 64 don’t have a private pension, and that around 20 per cent of people nearing retirement age have done little preparation to finance their retirements. One solution could be for […]