England’s South Coast Most Popular Place to Live for Retirees

Dorset has just topped ‘a best places to retire’ index released by Prudential this week, followed by West Sussex, Hertfordshire, Devon and the Isle of Wight. It’s no real surprise that seaside locations continue to be popular with Britain’s retirees and this also reflects our experience. It’s easy to see why, with the reasons for Dorset taking the top spot for the second time running including; it’s a beautiful place with all-round appeal, attracting older people for its climate and low crime rate.

Good weather was the major reason also why West Sussex, Devon and the Isle of Wight are in the top five, with the Isle of Wight taking the top spot for sunshine levels. The only county not on the South Coast of England in the top five is Hertfordshire which attracts people seeking peace and tranquillity in a rural setting.

However the Prudential data also suggests that many pensioners in the south and south west may not be able to afford to continue to live in these places, with fewer than half thinking they will be able to afford to do so comfortably on their current pensions.

One option for older people is to consider downsizing and renting on a long term tenancy in retirement. This means people can release equity in their home to invest in their retirement. At the same time it frees people up from the worries that come with owning a home such as unexpected bills and ongoing maintenance.

As people get older having a smaller home is often far more appealing because it’s less upkeep, less rooms to keep tidy, giving them more time to spend on leisure activities.

Many of Girlings rental properties offer assured ‘lifetime’ tenancies too which means people can stay in the property as long as they wish. Monthly rents include services and maintenance, which makes budgeting much easier.

Developments will usually include communal lounges for enjoying a cup of tea or coffee with other residents, plus some organise regular social events such as fish and chip suppers, keep fit and quiz nights.

We have plenty of properties available on the south coast of England so a quick search of our website could bring up your perfect retirement apartment today.


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