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New Minister for Loneliness is a Positive Step in Fighting Loneliness

We welcome the Government announcement yesterday[i] that a new minister for loneliness Tracey Crouch MP has been appointed. Tracey Crouch will continue the work started by the late MP Jo Cox to tackle loneliness, an issue which is affecting nine million in the UK, young and old. A report by the Jo Cox from the […]

Why older couples should consider downsizing and then rent instead of buy

A recent article in the Daily Telegraph looked at why older people don’t wish to downsize in their later years. The article highlighted some of the main obstacles, such as a lack of appealing smaller homes, the expense of moving, including stamp duty, and no decent bank savings rates to provide an adequate return from […]

Why is housing for older people being ignored in the run up to the election?

There seems to be one big housing issue that all the political parties are ignoring in the run up to the General Election and that’s housing for older people. The main headline manifesto pledges include the Conservative’s extension of Thatcher’s right to buy for 1.3 million families in housing association properties; Nick Clegg’s pledge to […]

Can the ‘Help to Move’ scheme stimulate house building demand for retirement homes?

Older people should be given financial support and advice to help them downsize from the government according to new recommendations from the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Housing and Care for Older People. The Group proposes a ‘Help to Move’ Scheme that would include a stamp duty exemption for older people buying homes worth […]

Housing solutions needed for those at the top of the ladder too

I recently received an email from Grant Shapps, Conservative Party Chairman, promoting the success of the Help to Buy scheme and asking us to place a graphic detailing their achievements thus far on our social media channels. The email communicated that the scheme has already helped 50,000 people into new homes – and over 80% […]

Raising awareness of Older People in our society

Each year October 1st is marked by celebrating and raising awareness of older people through UK Older People’s Day (http://olderpeoplesday.co.uk). This day is recognised by all UN nations and coincides with the UN International Day of Older Person’s which first began in 1991. We fully support this day and it offers the perfect opportunity to […]

Grand Design’s Kevin McCloud says “rent don’t buy”

I was pleased to hear that Grand Designs’ presenter, Kevin McCloud, believes that people in the UK should rent not buy properties and change their mind sets to consider being tenants rather than homeowners. With over 20 years in the business of renting retirement property to those aged 55 years and over, this is a […]

Are bungalows the only option for retirement living?

This week, The Daily Mail reported that the government is attempting to address the retirement housing crisis. New housing minister, Brandon Lewis, called for more bungalows to be built for older people to free up larger homes for families. He says that this would allow couples living in large proprieties to downsize without being forced […]

Housing for older people – yes it does matter

A new ‘viewpoint’ blog by Tony Watts OBE, for the Housing Learning and Improvement Network (Housing LIN) entitled “Safe, warm, decent housing for older people – why it matters” has just been published which includes an important six point manifesto on what is needed to improve housing options for older people in the UK. The […]

Britain’s housing market has “deep, deep” structural problems says BOE’s Mark Carney

Last week, I was moved to write to Mark Carney, The Bank of England’s Governor after he discussed the fact that Britain’s housing market has “deep, deep” structural problems, with the main issue being the lack of house building, which is causing prices to spiral out of control. Carney pointed out that during the recession […]